Green Mortgage

Green mortgage is a federal government program working together with CONAVI and INFONAVIT for the construction of ecological houses and to be able to offer quality of life improvement through eco technologies to reduce expenses in energy, water and gas consumption; contributing in this way to the effective rational of natural resources and take care of the environment.



Analyzes the factors where energy is wasted in Mexico. Then, the government defines the strategy to save energy. ( House construction in this case)


It is in charge of stablishing the construction characteristics that the construction companies must follow to produce houses in accordance with the Green Mortgage program


Stablishes the optimal Insulation system to save energy.

It certifies that the ¨R value¨ of the products used are actually providing an energy saving


Stablishes the thermal insulation range(R) by bio-climate zones from Mexico through the NOM-018.

Certifies that all of the providers´ construction materials hold the specific ¨R value¨ in order to be an approved insulating element by Green Mortgage program


Helps funding worker for the acquisition of their homes.

It provides funding for construction in accordance with Green Mortgage programs: Reconversion/ Subsidy/ Green Mortgage.

If the construction companies do not follow the specifications given by these programs, they will not provide funding for construction.