Getting to know ALFA-GAMMA

We are a 100% Mexican enterprise. Alfa-GammaMR began operations in 1991, becoming in a little time a leader enterprise in the branch, acquiring a great experience producing expanded polystyrene for different applications.

The quality of our services and products has been distinguished in different branches of industry such as construction, agriculture, electronics and commerce.

Its lightness, easy to use characteristic and thermal-acoustic insulation, are just a few of the many benefits that Alfa-Gamma offers in each of its products, which are made with high quality and technology raw material.

Alfa-GammaMR Polystyrene has a wide experience producing expanded polystyrene for different applications.


To satisfy our clients’ needs with expanded polystyrene products and other high quality plastics. Therefore, provide wellness to the personnel and financial profitability to shareholders, in agreement with providers, environment and society.


To be an internationally distinguished group for our quality, financial profitable and effectiveness in our products and services.


Honesty, Respect, Tolerance, Service Attitude, Teamwork and Creativity.


Alfa-Gamma polystyrene MR commits to produce and commercialize our expanded polystyrene and other high quality plastic products to satisfy our clients´ requirements and strategical objectives; with processes, documents and skilled personnel; improving continuously the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Packaging Packing

Polystyrene is a very practical and resistant material; depending on the conditions it is used. Its lightness makes it an ideal material to protect delicate products.

Expanded polystyrene packaging has multiple utilities, high capacity to withstand damage, keeping the merchandise protected.

Lightness, moisture resistance and impact absorption.This last peculiarity makes it and excellent protection for fragile and delicate products such as: Electrical appliances and electronic devices.

  • High impact resistance/ To keep protected all of the products you are going to transport
  • Easy adaptation to complex shapes/ It keeps the temperature and effervescence of the liquids
  • Specialized cutting packages
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Construction Systems

AMVIC are high resistance with thermal-acoustic expanded polystyrene blocks which makes an impenetrable barrier against weather and external noises. Panels link together with construction mesh to ensure the structural continuity and avoid crack in flattening.

  • Saving money. It allows you to reduce expenses in labor and structures
  • Thermal insulation. It allows you to save in cooling and heating expenses
  • Lightness. It allows you to work cleaner and orderly due to its easy handle.
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Alfa-Gamma lightening products such as: ceiling panels, hollow bricks, alfadeck, Geo system, allow you to reduce expenses in labor and structures in contrast with traditional construction systems.

Many of them are used to lighten slab, and save expenses in concrete during the construction.

  • Reduce expenses in concrete, cement and foundation
  • Expanded polystyrene doesn’t absorb humidity, which is going to help you to obtain a better curing process.
  • It provides thermal insulation
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Molding, it is a decorative form of expanded polystyrene that offers elegance and distinction in outdoor and indoor finishing. Its variety and sizes, allows it to adapt to any architectonic style.

Decorak Ceiling Tiles, they are decorative ceiling tiles made of expanded polystyrene which offers elegance in their different shapes.

Its composition provides high thermal-acoustic insulation. As a result it provides energy saving, better indoor privacy, high light reflection and other characteristics that other ceiling tiles do not possess.

  • Protection of material while it is transported
  • High impact absorption
  • High liquid absorption resistance
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GeoSystem, it is used as a super light filling material which helps you to keep control over your geotechnical project and savings in your structural project.

Geosystem is a low density resistant product, which represent just 1% of the common fill soil´s weight and 10% of the weight if we compare it with other light fillings.

Geosystem is used principally in roads, bridges, protection for underground installations (pipeline and parking lots), filling in girders and columns, grandstand (stadiums, auditoriums and cinemas), hills for gardening projects, etc.

  • Reduce expenses in concrete, cement and foundation
  • Expanded polystyrene doesn’t absorb humidity, which is going to help you to obtain a better curing process.
  • It provides thermal insulation
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The products created by Alfa-Gamma, such as the plates, half rods and CLIMATE, are used as thermal-acoustic insulators, in walls and slabs, for example in cold rooms of -40° degrees, even in its counterpart with higher temperatures than 80° degrees.

Alfa-Gamma insulating products, are applied directly in cold rooms, drying rooms, cargo tanks, industrial and domestic pipeline, industrial warehouse´ roofs, walls and house slabs, etc.

These products are easy to install because of their lightness.

  • Because of its lightness it is easy to install, it can also provide thermal insulation and beauty.
  • Due to its microcellular foam, it avoids the heat and cold transmission and noise block through its cells.
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Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has a great resistance; it is perfect for the elaboration of packages for appliances, electronics, chemistry, mechanical and molding industry.

EPS packages are designed to protect perfectly the product, depending in the thickness, density and resistance. EPS packages are able to protect any kind of material, for example: glass, appliances, refrigerator, TV, stove, vacuum, toaster, engines, coils, tools, electrodes, melting electrodes and others.


Expanded propylene (EPP) is a material used in the automotive and aeronautics industry due to its temperature resistance and abrasion.

These pieces are used in the automotive are, such as seats and protection components of the inner and functional part of the car

Their characteristics can be so light but at the same time rigid that they can be used for delicate functions as protection for the human being, protector for backs and security helmets.


ARCEL is a moldable copolymer foam resistant to ripping, drilling, cracking and peeling, it is strong and long lasting.

ARCEL offers long term reuse and compressive strength make it excellent to stack.

Its cushion abilities absorb crashes without reducing its protective effectiveness, for this reason it is an exceptional choice for extreme conditions, heavyweight articles and reusable plates.It is used to protect little objects, delicate instruments and huge and heavyweight products.

  • Excellent Cushion
  • Extremely Long Lasting
  • Reusable
  • Non Abrasive for Delicate Objects
  • Able to Compete with Other Resistant Materials
  • Recyclable
  • Important saving in labor in contrast with other alternative materials
  • Light in order to reduce shipping expenses.


Our customer service departments will provide you the individual attention that you deserve, in addition our product´s information, delivery time and estimation in each of your projects.

  • Technical advice.
  • Material Quantification
  • Graphic representation of project.
  • Visits of trained personnel to solve any doubts in construction matters.
  • Technical information of structural estimation.



Estamos de manteles largos, hace 25 años nace Poliestireno Alfa-Gamma, S.A. de C.V., en la Comarca Lagunera, somos una Empresa que desde 1991 se ha especializado en la fabricación de productos termoplásticos como el poliestireno expandido (EPS), polipropileno expandido (EPP) y otros termoplásticos mixtos para distintas aplicaciones, los cuales ofrecen grandes ventajas como aislamiento, aligeramiento, […]
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Tenemos una nueva imagen

En Alfa Gamma tenemos una nueva imagen Durante estos 25 años hemos crecido, evolucionando y consolidando nuestra marca lo que nos da la oportunidad de transmitirlo mediante una imagen fresca pero conservando la esencia que nos caracteriza. Esta es también una oportunidad de renovar el compromiso de calidad y eficiencia con nuestros clientes y agradecer […]
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¿Cómo se Fabrica el Poliestireno Expandido?

La materia prima: el poliestireno expandible. Se obtiene por polimerización del estireno con introducción de un agente de expansión: el pentano. Este polímero se presenta en forma de perlas esféricas de diámetros entre 0,3 y 2 mm. El poliestireno expandido se obtiene a partir del poliestireno expandible después de tres etapas de fabricación: La pre-expansión: […]

¿Conoces los beneficios que ofrece usar casetón para tus obras?

Usando casetón que puedes comprar en nuestras tiendas para realizar tu obra, podrás ahorrar de un 10% a 30% en costos de mano de obra y cimbra, en comparación con los sistemas utilizados tradicionalmente (losa sólida, losa aligerada con barro, block, adobón y ladrillo). Aislamiento térmico, lo cual es indispensable en zonas con temperaturas extremas […]

Beneficios del poliestireno

Ligereza, fácil manejo, alta protección térmica y acústica, son solo algunos de los beneficios que Poliestireno ALFA-GAMMA ofrece en cada uno de los productos, los cuales son elaborados con materia prima de la mejor calidad y la más alta tecnología.
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